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Our Programs

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Therapeutic Riding Lessons

Students learn basic riding skills to enhance gross/fine motor skills, social skills, balance, core strength, and communication, while navigating obstacles, playing games, and riding on sensory trails.



45 Minutes - $40/Session

2 Siblings

45 Minutes - $60/Session


Therapeutic Ground School

Students focus on ground based horsemanship skills that include grooming, feeding, bathing, leading, and learning horse behaviors, while building strong connections, and gaining confidence.



30 Minutes - $30/Session

2 Siblings

30 Minutes - $50/Session


Makin' Strides

Youth Program

Makin' Strides is offered periodically for children on our waitlist, ages 7-17 with physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Participants can sign up for a 1 hour event to enjoy a day at the farm with our horses! This is a large group setting where each student will have the opportunity to ride a horse, groom, learn about horse behaviors, and experience the natural farm environment.

1 Hour - $30/session

Open to 16 Participants

First Come ~ First Serve




Teen Program

This is a continuing program to promote responsibility, respect, gratitude, trust, and motivation for at-risk youth in our community.  Participants Ages 12-17 will attend a 2 hour session to learn about our horses by observing their behaviors, practicing safety,

providing first aid, grooming, and riding.

Scholarship Based

Open to 8-10 Participants

First Come ~ First Serve


Silver Linings


Residents of local assisted living facilities are invited to come to the farm to experience all that we have to offer!  Participants will have the opportunity to groom the horses, feed the chickens, work in the gardens, and walk the grounds to enjoy its beauty.

2 Hours - $100/Group Visit

Open to up to 10 Participants

Check back for more programs coming soon!

Contact us if you would like to schedule a group visit for your organization!

We love partnering with our community!

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