Our Programs


Therapeutic Riding Lessons

Students learn basic riding skills to enhance gross/fine motor skills, social skills, balance, core strength, and communication, while navigating obstacles, playing games, and riding on sensory trails.



45 Minutes - $40/Session

2 Siblings

45 Minutes - $60/Session


Therapeutic Ground School

Students focus on ground based horsemanship skills that include grooming, feeding, bathing, leading, and learning horse behaviors, while building strong connections, and gaining confidence.



30 Minutes - $30/Session

2 Siblings

30 Minutes - $50/Session


Makin' Strides

Youth Program

Makin' Strides is a monthly gathering for children ages 7-12 with physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Participants can sign up for a 2 hour event to enjoy a day at the farm with our horses! Each student will have the opportunity to ride a horse, groom, learn about horse behaviors, and experience the natural farm environment.

2 Hours - $40/session

Open to 10 Participants

First Come ~ First Serve




Teen Program

This is a continuing program to promote responsibility, respect, gratitude, trust, and motivation for at-risk youth in our community.  Participants Ages 12-17 will attend a 2 hour session to learn about our horses by observing their behaviors, practicing safety,

providing first aid, grooming, and riding.

Scholarship Based

Open to 8 Participants

First Come ~ First Serve